Engineering schools

       ABSA-NT is specialized in the conception of electronic systems. Principally dedicated to the students formation, the system created by our team will allow the future engineer to acquire a complete practical formation in electronic and industrial computing.

      The knowledge acquired in the conception of systems which implement the more newer electronic technologies, allows us to develope on specifications, for partners companies, solutions for the conception and realization of embedded or industrial electronic systems.

      In constant technologic eve, our team maintain their knowledge in numerous domains of industrial computing and electronic and have a principal ambition to follow our partners in the realization of specific electronic systems.

Principal development poles

Applications which implements:

  • Microcontrollers 8, 16 and 32 bits by Motorola, Intel, Microchip
  • DSP
  • CAN Bus
  • VHDL
  • Signal processment
  • CAO electronic routing
  • Wifi communication, Bluetooth, Zig Bee