Since its creation, ABSA NT has been dedicated to the realisation of innovative tools dedicated to the training of technicians and engineers the latest technology onboard electronics, industrial computing, robotics and telecommunications.
Our equipment comes with an important teaching support incorporating many examples of using more or less complex. These programs can quickly master operation models and greatly facilitate the implementation of specific new applications.

IOT - Internet Of Objects

The Internet of Objects (IOF) or Internet Of Things (IOT), is that which enables communication of physical connected objects that generate data.
The new platform IOT –ESP32 is driven by the new microcontroller ESP32 integrating Wifi, Bluetooth, cryptage AES/RSA, WEP ...et the module LORAWAN RN2483. for long distance communication. This also integrates multiple sensors, as well as lectures of NFC Tags and RFID, The IOT-ESP32 is an ideal support to have hands on experience and to develop many applications using these technologies.

Examples Of TP
GSMGSM CommunicationWireless
ZigbeeZigbee CommunicationWireless
WifiWeb serverWireless
EthernetWeb ServerWireless
TP initiationManualPIC EVAL
Lift Lift Management PIC EVAL
ZigbeeZigbee CommunicationWireless