IOT –ESP32-RN2483


A connected object integrates

  • An identification system and data capture (temperature, humidity, heart rate, luminosity, sensors, home automation, maintenance... )
  • A data transmission system
  • An interface to control the application

This constitutes the IOT( Internet Of Things ) or IOO ( Internet of Objects). The Internet of objects characterizes connected physical objects, having their own identity and capable of communicating with one another. This network will enable the emergence of new services, including tracking of supplies and stocks, intelligent management of resources, location of objects or people, predictive maintenance, or medical follow-up

The IOT-ESP32 platform was designed to enable the discovery and realization of complete practical applications using the various IOT technologies.
In order to facilitate IOT applications we have equipped the IOT-ESP32-RN2483 with

Short range networks
WIFI and Bluetooth for short distance communications NFC and RFID provided by the ST95HF circuit from ST

Long range networks
RN2483 Microchip for LORA compatibility.


The board ‘IOT- Témouchentia’ is supplied with an important pedagogic support (MQTT, CLOUD, Encryption, Android, RFID, Payment by NFC, Web server, ….).

The plateform IOT –ESP32 is equipped with:

  • 1 ESP3 Microcontroller with Bluetooth/Wifi/Android connections
  • 1 RN2483 with antenna for long distance communication LoraWan
  • 1 ST95HF for NFC et RFID communication
  • 1 memory extension EEPROM
  • 1 proximity and luminosity sensor
  • 2 Omron relays
  • 1 touch screen color display
  • 8 leds
  • 1 humidity and temperature
  • 2 USB connections
  • 1 extension connector

Educational support and Start up
The board IOT ESP32 is provided with an important educational support, which constitutes of numerous example programmes facilitating the use of each of the components used on the platform.