Road Runner1


ROAD RUNNER1, driven by the famous RASPBERRY2 board and the new ARDUINO PRO designed around an ARM processor, is a fun educational kit, incorporating many electronic communication technologies

  • PC - Robot
  • Smartphone - Robot Android
  • GPS - Robot

Compatible with new development boards Arduino Pro and Raspberry Pi2, Road Runner1 est equipped with sensors and actuators.
The operation of various elements which are integrated with Road Runner1 could be easily acheived by programming Raspberry pi2 and Arduino Pro boards.

The student will also be able to use the important development environment existing on the net on these cards.

Technical features of ROAD RUNNER 1:

ROAD RUNNER-1 is driven by Raspberry 2 and the Arduino Pro controlled by an
ARM processor. It integrates

  • 1 rotating camera of 5 mega pixels
  • 2 servomotors for the camera
  • 2 infrared barrieres at the back
  • Bluetooth for Android communication or with PC
  • Magnetometer, gyroscope, accelerometer
  • GPS for outdoor navigation
  • American alarm
  • 2 microphones for detecting the sound
  • 1 line follow-up/li>
  • 3 detectors for proximity/distance measure
  • 2 motors DC 133 RPM with geared motors driven by L298
  • 2 optic encoders for the wheels

ROAD RUNNER 1 is provided with an important educational support implementing the different elements integrated in this educational system