Wireless is an ideal tool for testing and development of many telecommunication applications. This card can also be used as supporting material for practical training to telecommunications.

     Driven by a PIC microcontroller, wireless Com integrates components and communication modules enabling the user to become familiar very quickly with communication protocols.

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Wireless integrates:

  • 1 PIC microcontroller clocked to 100MHz.
  • 1 Ethernet Masters, 10, 100, 1000.
  • 1 Flash memory 2MB.
  • 1 LCD color graphic the touch screen.
  • 1 Android / Bluetooth module.
  • 1 Wifi module.
  • 1 Zigbee module.
  • 1 GSM module with the SIM slot.
  • 1 USB port.
  • 1 Web server.
  • 1 Sound generator SAE 800.
  • 1 Speaker.
  • 1 buzzer.


      Wireless requires MPLAB for the development of programs developed on the board. The MPLAB IDE can be downloaded freely from internet. Some Guis are provided with Wireless card. They allow the user to run some simple applications without having to carry out programs in assembler or C language

Pedagogical Support

     To facilitate the understanding of how various peripheral circuits and communication modules works, several simple examples are provided in the form of very detailed simple programs. Each Wireless board can be used as master or slave.

  • Some program examples are provided with Wireless.
  • Programming interruptions.
  • Using Ethernet.
  • Programming Telecommunications modules.
  • Web server.
  • Application Android and Bluetooth.
  • User Programs for touchscreen graphical display.
  • GSM Communication.
  • ZigBee Communication.
  • Wireless Communication.